Smart Lighting can be found in many forms, from individually controlled lights that can change colour, hue and brightness, to legacy fittings that just allow the existing lights to switched on and off. Lights can be linked to controllers that allow them to be controlled in one go, to change colour, or just to dim, or switch on and off.

Most lighting can be controlled by various standard short range protocols; Z-wave, Zigbee, 433. However some are proprietary and work only within one manufacturer’s systems. Those that adhere to industry standards will work in any system that conforms to the same protocol. In our products listings we flag which protocol each product understands.

Some ranges provide a “gateway” or “bridge” which acts as a access point to control the lights, even those that can be set individually. If all that is wanted is lighting control, with no other aspects of the Smart Home then this will suffice. Smart Homes Installer however also sells smart home controllers that will allow monitoring and control of other aspects of the Smart Home; if one of these is installed the lighting gateway is no longer needed.

The products shown in the Lighting online shop are arranged by the protocol used, rather than just by manufacturer. Any one manufacturer usually only makes lights for one protocol anyway so this is is more useful for a customer looking for parts for their system. The products listings can be sorted by manufacturer if required.