Smart Heating

With a Smart thermostat you can control your home’s heating from the touch of an app. Smart Thermostats are proven to reduce energy usage resulting in lower energy bills. Instead of the traditional on/off switch, you can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer from almost anywhere, at any time.

If you find setting the perfect temperature in your home is difficult, let your Smart heating system suggest a programme. Systems such as the Nest, Tado and Netatmo have a ‘learning’ feature where the system records how you heat your home over a set period and then recommends a schedule for you.

Other niche systems focus on individual radiator control (Honeywell, Evohome and Heat Genius). There are also dual systems available to control your domestic hot water as well as your heating, giving you complete control from a smart device.

Advice, Guidance and Professional Installation – Smart Homes Installer

Smart Heating Controls are already helping millions of homes save billions’ of kWh of energy. Our team of qualified heating engineers and electricians are on hand to help you find the most suitable Smart Heating Controls to meet your requirements.

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