In the beginning

Today the average home or business is packed full of smart gadgets; phones, tablets, home audio and visual equipment, games consoles, and home appliances. However, until recently there was, unless you owned your own IT company, no easy way for the home or business to communicate with, interact with, or learn how to deliver better experiences based upon the behaviour and habits of the occupants.

With the development in the Internet of Things (IoT) more and more household items are becoming enabled with internet or networking capability. This means that light bulbs, sockets, smoke detectors, door and window sensors, heating thermostats, radiator valves, door locks, (and the list goes on), can be remotely controlled, automated or given the license to react intelligently to improve the environment in the property, deter criminals, save money and much, much more.

Early investors in the IoT home-based products have been enthusiast DIYers, computer programmers and those with the ability to install, or upgrade the pre-existing household wiring, to program devices and commission them. This has been in one part due to the complexities of some of the older systems and in the other due to lack of awareness i.e. marketing. But all that is changing – nearly everyone has seen or heard the “Hive” adverts on TV and Radio for example.

First steps

Intelligent heating controls or smart thermostats are a real “no-brainer”, and Smart Homes Installer recommends that every new boiler should be fitted with them because the fuel savings equate to 20 to 30% per annum. Plus, the majority of existing boilers can be retro-fitted with them, with the maxim that the greater the fuel bill, the greater the saving. Smart thermostats or intelligent heating controls can learn your heating habits and the insulation properties of your building, allowing them to switch off earlier and on later when savings can be made without compromising on comfort levels. Rules can be set to only heat rooms that are occupied and to switch the heating off all together when all occupants have left the building.

Heating is just one part of the bigger picture: we have solutions for blinds, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and power as well as niche products like robot mowers, smart kettles, fridges and pet care.

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