Securifi Flood Sensor

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  • Simple 1 Minute Setup
  • Receive instant notifications when water is detected
  • Remotely monitor sensor status
  • Free Almond app on iOS & Android; also controllable via a standard web browser
  • Requires Almond+
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Super Simple 1 Minute Setup

Tap “Add Device” → “Add” on the LCD Interface of Almond+ to pair it with the router. Once added, the plug will remain paired wherever it is placed.

Receive Instant Alerts When Water Is Detected

Automate Other Actions When Water Is Detected

Link Flood Sensor with other sensors using the Almond app. For example, specify that when water is detected a light should flash 3 times.

Versatile Monitoring Options

Remotely and Locally via Internet using free iOS & Android apps or control your sensors with a standard web browser

Local without Internet

Thanks to a capable local web Interface, control and monitor your sensors without an Internet connection.This unique smarthome functionality sets Almond+ apart from conventional home automation hubs.

Compatible with Almond+

Fully compatible with Almond+ routers.

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