Philips Hue white and colour ambiance starter kit

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Get started with Philips Hue white and colour ambiance bulbs and experience high quality white and coloured light that offers you endless possibilities.

  • Paint with light
  • Sync lights with music and movies
  • Apple HomeKit compatible
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Hue bulbs bring the power of dimming and brightening your lights to your smart device.

Hue bulbs produce beautiful warm, white light that can be adjusted to suit any occasion. Hue light bulbs connect using your Wi-Fi, allowing you to alter the brightness simply by using the Philips Hue app for iOS and Android. Hue light bulbs can be grouped together so you can set the mood in a room in one go.

Lighting for every occasion

Philips Hue can wake you up and help you energize, read, concentrate and relax. Customize your daily routines into moments you can enjoy. Set the mood. Change the ambiance. Feel the difference. Feel better. Set the right ambiance for any moment with a range of beautiful, natural white light. Use the app to set any shade of white light, from cool energizing daylight to relaxing warm white light. Turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. Play with colours or sync lights with your music, TV and games for an immersive effect. The possibilities are endless once you start exploring. And with hundreds of apps to choose from, the only real limit is your imagination. Philips Hue welcomes you home and lets you control your lights from your bedroom to your backyard. You can automate your lights completely to make it seem like you’re home when you’re not. With geofencing technology, your lights can even welcome you home or switch off automatically when you leave your home. It’s all about simplifying your life and giving you peace of mind in smart and useful ways.

Integration with other smart home products

Hue can be linked to data feeds via the IFTTT (If This Then That Service), to give you a visual alert when you get an important email, or let you know when something happens at home. Hue also works with Nest and Apple HomeKit.

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Smart Homes Installer are busy installing a range of Philips Hue smart lighting products across Cambridgeshire and surrounding villages. View our case studies.